Beta 2 open!

October 31st, 2013

As I previously wrote, beta 2 wasn’t focused on new features, and it is called beta 2 because it was rewritten from scratch. The main change is the performance, memory leaks are solved now. Some of the beta1 features aren’t finished in beta2 yet, but don’t worry, Squarelaxy will get small updated daily, so soon it will have all the old features back, plus a lot of new features. Here are some changes in beta 2

  • Trampoline mechanic changed: it now depends on your fall velocity.
  • Trampoline has an animation now.
  • Background queueing ( queue for a race and while you wait you can customize your character, browse things and have a chat in our future lobby )
  • Successive kills time increased up to 5 seconds (from 3)
  • Easier getting out of liquids and climbables
  • Some new apparel
  • New blocks
  • Bugs, a lot of them